It sounds like you have a large enough tank, so depending on how many inhabitants and if all that checks out, you should be fine with the Siamese Algae Eater, and catfish since they’re both docile and bottom dwellers. En effet une femelle combattant mangera les alevins, mais elle risque aussi de s’attaquer aux Guppy. Hello, The ghost shrimp or glass shrimp is appropriately named for its see-through appearance and is an invertebre. You should also monitor the introduction closely for at least 72-hours to assess compatibility. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. Hi, This will also give you a good idea of what each type of fish requires individually. Ya my betta was doing that as well. Make sure to avoid the Common Pleco however, because it has the ability to grow up to two feet long! They are doing well, along with the corys in Taz’s bowl. Suite à l'annonce du gouvernement, nous mettons en place les frais de port offert pour le vivant à partir de 100 euros d'achat pendant toute la période du confinement en France . This subject can be further elaborated on by understanding aggressiveness in terms of betta breeds and genders. As for the cohabitation, it all depends on your Betta, but they aren't very good roommates for other fish like guppies, in general. Discussions sur l'aquariophilie. C'est vrai qu'un 20L est trop petit pour des guppy et néons, comme déjà indiqué. We then added 4-5 Feeder Guppies in there with her, and while she chases them around to no end, doesn’t appear to be interested in eating them. In situations where the environment appears unsafe, be ready with a secondary tank or container to remove your betta. Thanks! This will help your female stay away from your male if she needs to and reduce the chance of aggression between both fish. Kampffische gelten zwar als sehr aggressiv, es ist aber möglich, eine Gruppe weiblicher Bettas (einen sog. Maybe they’re pregnant when bought? Sep 18, 2012 - This website is for sale! Only 10 fish in a 60 gal aquarium….if you want shrimp go for it. This may include lack of appetite, visible wounds (e.g. Thank you! During the day they encounter each other often, but there has never been any issue of fighting, pinching, or fin-picking. Scientific Name: Thalassinidea Jordanna. Also, while guppies do not jump out of open tanks, betta are notorious for doing this. What is your advice? It’s hard to give a definite yes/no as some have had bright colored long finned fish with their bettas with no problems, while others report extreme aggression and fighting (each situation can be unique and temperaments). If you’re not quite ready for another fish species, the marimo moss ball is an excellent addition to any tank. I have that plus tetras, kuhlis, catfish and corys. I have really enjoyed learning from your site. To replenish the water I would use a gallon jug of fresh water that I had filled when I cleaned the tanks the week before, thus tempering the water. Originating from Southeast Asia, where you can find them in such places as streams and rice paddies, betta fish have an optimal pH of 7. I was concerned with the welfare of other fish that they could not live in a tank that small, or that they like schooling. Male guppies also have a tendency to be the more colorful of the two genders. What a fantastic site! Le mâle mesure jusqu’à 4 cm et la femelle, plus grande, peut atteindre 5 cm. I misread 60L…thought he said 60g. Kayte, please don’t use distilled water as it has been stripped of all of the valuable nutrients and minerals that are healthy for a betta fish. I have cherry barbs and they’re fine with my Betta, they are a shoaling fish so 6 ARE needed at least. Give your guppies the veggie pallets first. Learn how your comment data is processed. Also any filter recommendations? It’s better to add a betta to an established community tank. And what I was wondering about is, would it be okay to add some (4) ghost shrimps? A marimos key benefits include: low cost, longevity, little maintenance, algae eaters, nitrate eaters, and oxygen production. There are a ton of great options out there, when it comes to the best live plants for guppies and more. For a 10-gallon I wouldn’t add any more than 5 adult fish. ( has 2 mollies, 5 swordtails, 2 platies, 10 + or – neons, 4 red eye tetras, 4 Cory cats, an algae eater and a large pleco that’s around a foot long) can I put them together or do I need to start another tank? Color: Females are grey, while males have spots and brighter hues of color This will include ideal settings for both. The pH is going to be somewhere in the range of 6.8 to 7.8. Neon tetras also like heavily planted tanks with lots of places to hide, just like the betta. Typical lifespan is 5 years in captivity, and they can grow up to 4 centimeters in length. Recommended introduction is in a group of 2-4, with 6 or more leading to potential breeding. Also, what medicine would you recommend for him (preferably something cheap but effective)? For now, I would recommend separating the two females instead of placing another tank mate in there. In fact, unless you want to breed at some point (which can present its own problems in a tank shared by these two types), you may want to consider a tank of all female guppies and all female bettas. They still have large flowing fins, therefore it’s not recommended. Because the male bettas are generally more aggressive than the females, the idea ratio will then be one female betta to your male/female guppy ratio. That’s wild! You should be feeding guppies veggie-based products at least once per day. I’ve never had this problem with any other fish in my large tank). Restez chez vous et prenez soin de vous. Can the loach be good with all of those fish? Are there other types of rasboras/tetras that bettas can get along with? My husband has a double tail male Betta fish and an asst md koi fish together in the same tank and they get along perfect. So no. Ne met pas de guppy avec un betta, sa va se finir en carpaccio de guppy!!! It all depends on the personality of the Betta and the size of the tank. My betta flared at my fancy guppies at first but after a day they were fine. The larger the tank the less the maintenance for water quality. Bonsoir, J'ai actuellement une femelle betta et je vais en fin de semaine en accueillir une deuxième. Bien que le combattant femelle soit moins agressif que le combattant mâle, pour avoir plusieurs poissons cohabitants il est important de suivre quelques règles : Pour rassembler plusieurs femelles sous le même toit, il faudra que vous en mettiez au moins 3. The only tank mate I can recommend for that size tank is a snail. Hi, I have a fish tank, 2 & 1/2 gallons with one male betta in it. Mystery snails are a great addition because they feed on uneaten food and clean up algae, helping with aquarium cleanliness. I was thinking 1 male 1 female and some snails in a 3 gal. Listed below are each of the fish companions that can live with bettas along with some specific information about the species itself. That is way too many fish in such a small tank (minimum: 1 inch of fish per 1 gallon of water), he needs to be on his own in his own quarantine/hospital tank right now. Sinon pour qu'un betta parade il suffit de lui mettre un miroir pour qu'il se voit! Purchase the correct minimum tank size for your community tank. Blue rams might need to be relocated because they are bright and can be aggressive too. Some of it would have made a big difference when I had my betta several years ago. Out of necessity, we currently have my daughter’s female Crowntail Betta (Elizabeth) in a 30 gallon planted tank with several blue Platys, a Scissortail, a Dojo Loach, a Clown Loach, a Moonlight Gourami and 2 Bristlenose Plecos. While less social and flexible than guppies, bettas still have the potential to live comfortably and happily with many other types of fish. Please answer soon as possible. D’autre part, n’étant pas handicapées par les longs voiles, il m’a même été possible de les faire cohabiter avec des poissons tels que les Barbus titteyas et d’autres Labyrinthidés (Gouramy, Colisa), dans le 180 Litres. Article by Simoni LoVano Scirocco. With only 2 females, one will continue to pick on and dominate the other until they eventually cause significant damage or kill them. Ghost shrimp are easy to care for, inexpensive, and they are scavengers who will scour your tank looking for excess food to eat off the substrate. Male guppies can stress out the females with their mating aspirations, which can lead to problems. I have a 9 gallons, 5 gallons and 3.4 gallons. Welcome to Aquarium Fish City(AFC). If so how many of each would you recommend? Cohabitation: Le poisson guppy est un poisson très sociable, bien qu'il arrive quelques fois que les guppys mâles mordillent un peu les nageoires de leurs congénères quand celles-ci sont très grandes. moi ils cohabitent" et 2 mois après tout le monde est mort. Water hardness is determined basically by how many dissolved minerals are in the water. Hello! Is there really a limit or is that just subjective? Right now he is in the bowl by himself and swimming a bit more. Lol, but I have a male Betta in a jewel 240 tank, along with 5 cherry barbs , 6 wcmm, 8 chilli rasboras, 3 celestial pearl danio, 6japanese daisy rice fish,4 Dario dario, 3 sucking loach and a mixture of around 30 shrimp ie reds blacks ghost yellow blue, temp at 24′ tank is well planted ,also moss balls ,java moss bog wood and lots of caves and hiding places the only problem i get is my shrimp are multiplying, but this keeps my betta busy being a predatory fish weaving in and out of plants caves and moss, never seen him eat any , but all in all its a happy tank!! If you have sand as your substrate loaches may burrow deep into it. … It’s best to err on the side of caution, staying away from other territorial fish, bright colored, or top/surface feeders and dwellers. The tank is 10 gallons. Go Gary go! I was always fascinated by our fish tank and would spend hours staring at the fish. I have gravel bottom, a small area with sand, and 3moss balls and several hiding spots / caves. Yes, you can turn off the filter while you feed Taz. Do you think he would be okay with some other fish in a 10 gallon? Male Bettas & Female Guppies Female guppies look a lot duller than male guppies. Color: Light Brown to Black Body with Orange to White Stripe Coloration I have a 20 gal Long that houses an Axolotl salamander, a 5.5 gal with a Crowntail Betta & to maintain a constant (& affordable) food supply for the Axolotl, I also keep a worm farm. De toute manière si tu vois qu'elle est agressive enlève là et met la toute seule. El guppy (Poecilia reticulata), en anglès i sovint referint-s'hi amb el nom de guppy i guppie, és un dels peixos d'aquari d'aigua dolça més populars. Remember, this is just my opinion and experience so do some research, maybe I’m just lucky… My Betta has been building a bubble nest for awhile now, so at least I know that he’s happy in there! If they swim often but still rest and hide thats normal and happy behavior. When it comes to population, it is best to keep three guppies and one betta in a 10-gallon aquarium. Bettas with ANY FISH is a bad idea. Both are aggressive. Is a 5 gallon tank big enough to put more than my betta in? You definitely want more females than males, at the end of the day. Your feeding schedule for bettas should be roughly once per day. I have a ten-gallon tank and I want to get some buddies for my male betta fish. How about the food/live food and some other stuff for betta is it ok for the other fish? Thanks. My other tanks are smaller since I got sold male plakat for female betta. Scientific Name: Panaque Maccus, Dwarf Loricariid I’m afraid a ten gallon tank will look empty with just one fish but don’t want to risk other fish mates. I will not be able to breed any betta food in another tank, so I’m wondering if it is possible to keep some kind of shrimp or similar (as food) in the same tank as the betta. Let’s break down all of these differences. Thanks for the additional information. Hey ive had a male beta fish for about two months. Im trying to get as much research as possible before getting fish which wont be for awhile. The Betta gets 1/2 a baby earthworm 3-4 times/wk. Originaire des Caraïbes et d’Amérique du Sud, il fut découvert en 1859 et rapidement commercialisé pour sa beauté avant de devenir très prisé par les amateurs d’aquariophilie. Hi! There use to be 4-5 neon tetras and one extra bottom feeder (green cory) but those died when I clean the tank a week ago. I’m grateful for the good information and informed dialog on this site!! We have a 10 gallon tank with a male veiltail betta and two African dwarf frogs. B. 3. Does anyone here think just one ghost shrimp would be happy living in a tank that size with my male betta as a tank mate? I had a 50 gallon community tank that housed my beta and several other fish including fancy guppies, the bubble eyed goldfish, etc and they all lived very peacefully. Given the notoriously aggressive nature of guppies, some would argue that these two different types of fish are best kept apart. Right now I have them separated with the tetras in the 10 gallons and the betta fish in a small half gallon which makes me feel bad please help… thanks! Ihr Warenkorb ist leer. Are snails able to produce offspring all on their own or is that only certain types of snails? Fancy guppies are not a good tank mate because of their long fins and coloring. Bryan, Breeding your betta in a tank that is smaller than 10 gallons restricts the space available for the betta fish to swim and dominate, this might stress your Betta and make it ill. Do you have any suggestions? They make fantastic betta fish companions. Community tanks should be filtered and heated accordingly. Same goes with tetras, but they are compatible. In order to thrive, betta fish should have 5-gallons of water for their habitat. This is another important area. While one single betta fish can still be a problem for the guppies, particularly in terms of biting fins and bullying behaviors, this is considered the best number for a combination tank. Sometimes a betta will be curious or even nip at a mystery snail, but they have a hard shell they can retreat into if needed. I have also, in other tanks, bettas with ottos and one albino corycat. Would he get along ok with a Fiddler/Red Claw crab? The rasbora is a shoaling fish that prefers to live with a school of 5 to 6 in a tank. If your betta fish doesn’t get along with a tank mate, don’t worry, they’re not a schooling fish and will be just fine on their own. Level: Beginner I would start with trying the aquarium salt, clean water, and the proper temperature by himself in that 2.5-gallon tank and move the other to the big tank, and yes, I would rinse everything in the big tank with hot hot water. Hi , just reading through these post and going by these my tank should be a disaster! Tank Size: 5-Gallons or More. Il s’agit en fait d’un organe de respiration élaboré, un peu à l’image d’un poumon situé dans une cavité de leur tête. I just recently won, but have not yet received, an aquaponic & hydroponic 3 gallon betta tank. Guppies and betta each like to hide sometimes. If they don’t swim often like the ones in the little pet store cups that’s not good. Ghost shrimp is terrible tank mate. With average lifespans around 4 years, they will also bring years of joy to a community tank. Feeder guppies are bred for food for larger fish and don’t have the bright coloring or long fins like the fancy guppy. You’ll love watching them navigate around the tank, using their siphon for air at the surface, and watching their tentacles meander around. Snails like to hide and can create a big mess too in smaller tanks. Start there. I find mixed answers on the latter. A good way to tell if they are happy is by how much they swim. The plan would be to get a male betta, some panda cory, coolie loaches and some sort of suitable schooling fish. The tank is too small for a tank mate. Because guppies are omnivores. Hard water, which guppies prefer, will have a lot of that stuff. I had recently gotten 4 females. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Guppies come to us from lakes and rivers throughout South America. With 20 gallons, or even larger tanks, you’re ensuring there will be plenty of room for your bettas and guppies to cohabitate successfully. Let’s wrap things up with a few general tips and ideas that we couldn’t cover in the text above: It almost goes without saying that you’re going to want to keep a very close eye on your tank, after you’ve moved the betta(s) in with the guppies, or vice-versa. So I have a 10-gallon and I’m looking into getting my koi female Betta some tankmates what are some suggestions for her that won’t fight with her or vice-versa and still be easy to maintain the tank. Another snail I really like is the black racer snail. We want our betta fish to have friends but we don’t know if the tetras were just too small and the only other fish in the tank, or if he’s just plain mean and needs his own separate tank! Scientific Name: Corydoras The main benefit of a second tank is that if something goes wrong with bringing bettas and guppies together, you can move one to your secondary with ease. Ghost shrimp are virtually invisible in tanks without close inspection by the naked eye. It worked for several years and both fish and plants were happy and healthy. This fighting instinct has never gone away, even for those bred in captivity. With a little effort, you can absolutely create conditions suitable to guppies and bettas simultaneously. Would think they would be fine with a Betta, and would certainly liven up a tank. Hello Bryan, great information and nice site. i believe they did die from the water or just pure stress. The betta will eat your guppy fry… Also, he might become territorial and kill your guppies. Do you recommend putting a snail into his tank? ), I have a five-gallon tank that is established and planted. The betta and/or other fish would eat any source of food to exhaustion before any level of decent breeding was allowed. How about zebra danios? Sinon mets des crevettes dans ton aquarium et tu peux mettre des red cherry, moi elles se plaisent avec des guppy, platy, cardinalis, ancistrus et corydoras. Or do they nip the tails? Please note: this post contains affiliate links. We added two ghost shrimp in the tank with our female Beta, and she ripped them to shreds. Depending on the tank size you suggest how often should I clean it and what methods do you recommend? Furthermore, bettas are considered moderately resistant and adaptable. Why? I am intrigued by the marimo moss balls and Mystery snails. Corydoras (cory/cories) catfish are good additions to a community betta tank. Cohabitation avec guppys. A larger tank 10+ gallons will change a lot, however, especially if you have enough hiding spaces and plants (live or fake). Not a problem. While you can try to throw them all into an ideal tank together at the same time, this could blow up in your face. Our recommendation would be for something larger than that 20 gallons for a fish tank is probably best. Cohabitation entre combattant femelle . Thanks. I just added 3 koi fish today and monitoring them to see if they will also co exist. I was planning on relocating my Ottos and albino corycat until I found your site. Cleaning frequency depends on the size of the tank you eventually get. I couldn’t return them since I’m one hour away from pet store. My Male Veil Tail Betta is housed in a 55 gallon community tank with many different fish, including fancy guppies, and everyone lives together peacefully. Bonjour a tous, ... ta femelle sera très mal dans ces minuscules pondoirs. Therefore, no I would recommend upgrading to a larger habitat if you were going to introduce any tank mates. BETTA SPLENDENS VAR. Hi. I currently have a 5 gallon filtered & heated tank with a male Crowntail betta (name is Tatsu) and a male Gold Claw Fiddler and am looking to start a second 5 gal tank for another male betta but different tank mate. For a 60L/15Gallon tank, I’d say you are already well-over the maximum bioload of inhabitants that I’d recommend. I know the filter cartridge need to be replaced in the big tank but I don’t have the money atm to get one yet, so he has to stay in the bowl till then. Some will, many will not. Please check your facts. I used to keep fish and have found myself wanting to get back to it. Yes, they can, as long as you provide the right environment for both. If you have the WCMM at the upper end of their temperature range, and the bettas at the lower tolerance of theirs, neither of the fishes are going to be at their best. Cet organe représente une ada… African dwarf dogs have lungs, and they, therefore, need to access the water’s surface for air. La Betta femelle est alors prête également à la reproduction. What does this mean? Understanding the unique challenges of betta ownership is essential here. Color: Orange to Pink Body, Distinct Black Triangle, and Red Hue Fins If space is an issue, Panda Corys are very small ( and adorable ), and if you’re willing to try something a bit more colorful, Emerald Corys would make a great contrast to a darker Betta ( but these do get quite big ). Very territorial fish. I’ve tried to put a barrier up or float an upside down cup with his food under but it would all float away or fail. All betta fish are different though. Rotate different betta fish food products to give them an ideal variety. Achetez les sur et profitez des meilleurs prix et d'une livraison sécurisée en 24H. Color: Bronze This means you’re going to want to give them meat products with lots of yummy protein. 13-oct-2017 - Artem Pomelnikov descrubrió este Pin. Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. This can make your fish sick. Quelle Cohabitation avec Guppys, discussion dans le forum aquariophilie Poissons tropicaux ... Les néons ,je sais qu'il leur faut au moinS 1m de façade et déjà trop avec les guppy qui sont des poissons de millieu comme les néons ... Poisson rouge, Combattant, Betta … At one point there were probably 200 guppies. I just didn’t know if I something to control the algae on the tank. What female fish can be with a male betta fish and make love? This makes them an ideal fish to live with a betta. I have a betta in my 20 gallons long. Color: Orange-Red Your site provides a wealth of information about bettas. Please read the water page if you’d like more information on that. A tank of guppies is simply easier to establish, before you make the decision to add betta fish. Color: Pink to Yellow Body with Dark Stripes Insects, worms, or even smaller fish (which is why it’s a bad idea for a prospective breeder to keep guppy fry and bettas in the same tank) are all the types of things you should focus on. They can eat the betta fish meat products, and they will. Snails don’t get enough credit for being as cool as they are! My father was a huge fan of tropical fish and our childhood home had a huge aquarium which he tended and kept hundreds of species of fish over the years. Guppies prefer the top and middle of the tank, and they will mostly refrain from going into the territory of the bettas. Hi! Suite à l'annonce du gouvernement, nous mettons en place les frais de port offert pour le vivant à partir de 100 euros d'achat pendant toute la période du confinement en France . Younger females tend to react better than elders who are used to seclusion. You should also consider feeding your guppies first. Thanks for the compliments Dianna, and that’s great you’re looking into getting a betta. Due diligence must be exercised, however, because of the varying temperaments across the betta splenden species in both males and females. Keeping them in groups ( even 3 of them ) really makes a change in activity level, and just makes for happier fish imo. Males and females should not be housed together. The best way to go is to establish a guppy tank using the considerations for bettas highlighted above. Some owners prefer to split up a daily serving into two portions at different points in the day. I currently have a female rose tail living with a zebra danio and two zebra loaches, although the danio is a schooling fish he doesn’t seem to mind whatsoever, and my female Betta only ignores him. 4. See more ideas about guppy, guppy fish, freshwater aquarium fish. Also, is the Mystery Snail the only type of snail that’s safe to be with the betta? Because the male bettas are generally more aggressive than the females, the idea ratio will then be one female betta to your male/female guppy ratio. This is known as a community tank and can house more than two kinds of species. Can a female betta be tankmates with mollies and platies? Bettas also need to get to the surface for air, creating potential territorial issues. I would recommend the Marimo Moss Ball – one large one or a couple smaller ones. I can’t make the decision to test it out for you, but I don’t recommend it when there are other suitable tank mate options. 28/set/2017 - Et oui encore une autre repro les petits sont en nage libre depuis hier le 5 Aout. Le Betta splendens, également connu comme Combattant du Siam, est un poisson d'eau douce originaire d'Asie du Sud-Est. I am fininding this site incredibly helpful. While your main concern might be on how the betta are going to treat the guppies, remember that the guppies can do things like snatch their food and nip on their fins. Building a bubble nest doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy they do it for breeding. Guppies are hailed for their hardiness, their breathtaking colors, and their pleasant personalities. Both can cause problems if left alone with each other. Les mâles sont les plus colorés et les plus recherchés pour leur beauté. You could try the platy’s and monitor closely, and obviously you’d need a fairly medium-large sized tank. Disregard my response. Guppies are also known for eating the algae in your tank. The minimum recommended tank size is 10-gallons (long horizontal tanks are better than tall vertical tanks). Thank you very much for the information. Increased cohabitants mean increased bioload or a number of inhabitants creating waste. A few Red Cherries would be even better but will have to be smart, keen, good hiders and fast movers to survive long with your existing tank inhabitants. Le mâle est issu de ma lignée de HM White platinum et la femelle vient de. You could see if where you purchased the tetras if you can return them in exchange for a different type of tank mate, or try adding more than 3 tetras and see how they fair again with a very close examination before you make a final decision. The smart way to get around this is to use something like a pipette to make sure the bettas are getting the food that’s meant for them. Not worth the loss of your other fish. When you are healthy you are generally happy right? Plus, they don’t reproduce asexually like some snails which can cause an invasion. Level: Beginner-Advanced 1. Quand tu parle d'un grand aquarium, c'est au minimum un 100L voir 120L, que tu pourra y introduire quelques guppy et néons. La première des remarques à faire est que le Betta splendens est un Osphrominidae, famille de poissons possédant en plus de leurs branchies, un labyrinthe. They do best in larger groups of 5 or 6, and that’s what their official recommend care guidelines are. It’s possible, yes, that your betta fish is too territorial for tank mates. Hi Arielle. Yet given the numerous benefits of owing guppies, many still would like to at least try to bring them together. When they were still there my betta (Taz) was happy swimming around but recently ive noticed the ends of his fins clumping together. Their ideal temperature is between seventy-eight and eighty. Two things. From the second I carried Casper out of the pet store & took him home, he deserved the best life I can afford to give him. Any tankmates you recommend? They still have large flowing fins, therefore it’s not recommended. Si un mâle est trop agressif avec les femelles, essayez de placer plus de cachettes pour la femelle guppy exemples comme de fausses plantes et de petits abris. Bloodworms are a great SNACK for many different species. Dwarf frogs can grow up to 2.5 inches in length and live on average 5 years. The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. The Betta is still able to swim completely around the tank, even on the shallow end, so he’s not losing any swim space. Betta fish can easily mistake them as another betta species and will become very aggressive and nip at their fins and fight with them. Even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee your betta won’t become an aggressor or a victim. I was looking through the fish on this site to give Cas some friends and I wanted to put in a mystery snail, 2-3 ghost shrimp, and 6-8 tetras (I haven’t decided which type yet), is this too much? Le Combattant mâle ne doit jamais être maintenu avec d'autres mâles de son espèce dans le cas contraire il s'ensuivra un combat à mort. Platies should be fine, but just a reminder that all situations are unique and so are the personalities of bettas. Floraquatic a sélectionné pour vous un grand choix de Guppy. I have way more than that in a 50 gal and have maintained it for 20 years. They are both, however, surface feeders. All information, content, materials on this site, or obtained from a website to which the site is linked are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. If anyone could help me that would be wonderful, thank you! I have a male Crowntail Betta and a male Gold Claw Fiddler living harmoniously in a 5 gallon filtered tank for over 7 months now.