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Patched round ball accuracy

I disagreed with his logic. It's a Green Mountain barrel, 1-in 48 twist. This will include things like patch material, cutting patch at muzzle, patch lubes, Patch lube recipes, ect. I lost 3 deer before finally recovering one. 010 to .

Does not include handles. The patched bullet should be hard to start into the bore, and give significant resistance when ramming home. 15 patches. 020+) well lubed does seem to pop up often as a favored choice.

The cloth patch served as a physical buffer to prevent galling and abrasion, thereby limiting metal fouling. I assume since this is an old CVA sidelock the twist will stabilize round balls. 012". a 1:48 for conical bullets at 100 to 150 yds.

They are pheasant to shoot and very accurate. However your 1:48 will give acceptable accuracy inside the ranges you mentioned. I'm trying to determine the mid-range and point black distances for my . The book says a .

A look at the names of the most match-accurate black powder rifle cartridges in history will give you a hint: 45-70, 45-90, 45-110, etc Best Answer: you can but you wont get the same accuracy as you will in a rifle with the 1 turn in 66 inches rifling optimized for round balls. The Future Of Traditional Muzzleloader Hunting By Toby Bridges North American Muzzleloader Hunting Association During a phone conversation with another muzzleloading writer earlier this week, I mentioned the decline in traditional muzzleloader shooting and hunting. Going west upped the ball size to 50-62. Likewise, proper fouling control will eliminate a tight fitting patched ball, and there is no absolute that a tightly patched ball is a requirement for muzzleloader accuracy.

This allowed their arms to maintain a much tighter windage in their arms (. Apparently the trick is to use lower powder charges. A 1-66 is round ball only and can make the round ball a tack driver. 433" ball and a .

1:66 is better for round balls, and will usually cause modern projectiles to tumble in mid flight. The first round ball I ever shot from a smoothbore was actually done with a double barrel side-by-side flintlock shotgun, a twenty gauge. The first deer I ever shot with a muzzle loader was with a . 015 but wondering is it should be .

I then place the patch on the muzzle, drop on the ball and ram it with the wet patch. They’re cold swaged from pure lead which eliminates air pockets and voids common to cast balls. This mould casts a perfect hollowbase slugs which do not require rifling. If you have a 1-48 twist you'll likely find your best accuracy between 50 and 80 grs.

HOW in the WORLD did some of our country's patriots, in the late 1700's and early 1800's, make reliable head and chest shots on British officers at 200 to 300 yards using patched ball rifles, thus, cutting the snake's head off, as it were?! For hollow point bullets, starters are made with tips that fit into the hollow point. 495 ball Subject: Patched Ball Shooters December 18th 2013, 1:09 pm Guys I am going to put together a small collection of patched balls stuff here. However, I use a relatively loose patch/ball combination - a . Also, traditional muzzleloader only shooting orgnizations generally require the use of "patched round ball only" during official muzzleloading target competition.

most in line muzzle loaders have a 1 in 24" twist to stabilize heavy pistol bullets in a discarding sabot & a patched round ball is likely to strip out & not grip the rifling or tear the patch in a twist that steep. 54 ML accuracy? (1-70) that is made for round ball that shoots Clover leaf groups @ 100yds with 90gr FF w/ 530 Swaged round ball & . 530 patched round ball with 100 grains of 2F powder (max. All of these loads specify no.

So, what should I expect in accuracy with my standard 80 Gr. Take it from the world’s best shooters, like the U. Your rifle will either like a 490 gr ball or a 495 depending on the bore tightness. .

Round ball loads specify T/C patch material lubricated with T/C no. 015 patch. if you want to shoot tite groups use a . 715" ball weighing 545 grs.

Heavier powder charges are more challenging to get good accuracy and are not needed for target or plinking loads. Would either of these twist rates for patched round balls produce acceptable accuracy out of a 10 inch or so barrel? The 40-45cal were the preferred deer round ball in the eastern half of the USA. My gun is build from an Investarm Kit. Maxi-ball loads specify the use of Maxi-Lub as a lubricant.

690 RB mold. Thanks fellas for the replys, just an update, I got all the rust out but the bore is dark and I doubt I'll ever get it bare metal shiny clean. Subject: Patched Ball Shooters December 18th 2013, 1:09 pm Guys I am going to put together a small collection of patched balls stuff here. I cannot answer your quesiton on bore butter.

You lay the patch material across the bore,seat the ball flush with the muzzle,then slice off the excess patch material with a sharp patch knife. 490 and want to know what size patch to use. 100 Per Box I bought the . There's not much info.

50 caliber rifles may be fired with patched round balls multiple times before fouling necessitates swabbing the bore, and the Traditions . Mine is a 1:67, and it shoots patched round ball much more accurately than Minie. 490 with a thicker patch like a 15 instead of a 10. Any other use of the Pistol Pellet is not recommended.

The double set triggers and windage adjustable sight assure the utmost accuracy, while the full length stock with brass inlays make this rifle a great showpiece. Because it is such a tight fit, I run a wet patch and a dry patch after every shot. using modern FFg power1. In fact, that rifle shoots well with as little as 40 grains of FFG or as much as 120, even 130 grains of FFG with the same patched round ball.

A tighter fit is usually better, stopping just before the point where the ball is too difficult to seat. I shoot a 50 cal Flintlock Tennessee Mountain Rifle. Thanks to the advanced primer ignition systems that form the heart of today’s in-line rifle designs, shooters and hunters have come to accept 2,000 fps muzzle velocities and 200-yard real-world effectiveness as the new norm. Good question! I shoot a old 54 side hammer with patch round ball and love it dearly.

Twist, fit, patch, ball, developed charge. 3 f Goex black powder and a patched . 05-. My best accuracy is with a 495 round ball and and .

out there with all the emphasis on big game loads, and the few references I've found suggest starting with 25 or 30 grains of powder. Completely uniform in size, weight, and roundness, Hornady® Round Balls deliver consistent and accurate performance. 32 barrel fitting the BB platform - I really wanted to try one of the 'squirrel' calibers, but am wondering about the 'compromise' twist rate of 1:48, and if I can really expect to get accuracy as good as the traditional round-ball 1:60 (?) twist. So, I bought a new CVA .

And only a patched round ball. 020 smaller than bore size with a thicker patch (. The GM barrel is a little "tight" for a 62, forcing me to use a . This was with a patched round ball, behind sixty grains of the now long gone, 3F Green River black powder.

535. I understand that less powder (or a single pellet) should be used, but am looking for recommendations on patches, balls, etc. 54-caliber sabots, conicals (try 425-grain bullets) and patched round balls with equal accuracy. round ball vs.

Use a ball no more than 5 thousandths smaller than the top of the land size. Most in-lines have something along the order of 1 in 28" and the best rond ball barrels are around 1 in 60" or thereabouts. 69 barrels and . Cast bullet lubrication In the days of the matchlock and flintlock, the cast lead balls used for all military and hunting operations had no need for lubrication.

A 1:60 twist or slower is a round ball only barrel and are extremely accurate with them. Lead ball expands at low speeds so a modest bp charge in an inline should give, as roundball said, minute of deer accuracy. Round balls exhibit excellent characteristics of shocking effect, expansion and accuracy. It seems I am the only one who doesn't believe round balls to be the an efficient way to harvest deer.

50 round ball smoke pole, but I can't find any charts anywhere with this trajectory data. My forty ball shooter has taken many deer with 65grs. I accept no responsibility or liability for the accuracy (or lack thereof) of the following load information. mini, maxi or round ball for ELK between my friends and myself we have used all three projectiles on ELK in several states over the years, in mostly 54 and 58 caliber hawken style rifles,hunting with a muzzle loading rifle is generally a fairly close range sport compared to modern rifles, the rifles are most effective under 150 yards.

My wife and I shot some informal muzzle loader competition many years ago with 50 cal. Using readly available patches and balls the only combo that would work was . What matters is the rate of twist coming out of the barrel. With 60-70 grains of powder it took an evilly tight patch and ball combo that was heck to load to get reasonable accuracy.

I generally save the patched balls for new shooters not hunting loads. I even tried backing my powder down to 50 grains with the same results. Muzzle Velocity How the amount of powder loaded into the weapon affects the muzzle velocity is shown by the following chart. The reason why I do is that I get enough pin point accuracy during regular gun season with a rifle and or shotgun that I try to make my front stuffing hunting a bit more challenging.

Good closer cause it so heavy. 010" patch. 490" Lead Round Balls #6090 (100/box) The near perfect consistency and concentricity makes Hornady Round Balls accurate in the field. 32-40 liner with a twist rate of 1-14 and 1-16 respectively.

69 bare ball, at the cost of accuracy. These pre-lubricated shooting patches are 100% cotton, come in uniform thickness of . of Pyrodex and patched a round ball down the bore for his best accuracy. A lot of times if I'm shooting past 100 yards, I'll use a .

This 'ballistics calculator' is a computer simulation which analyzes the behavior of a round ball in its flight from the muzzle to the target. If the fit is loose, gas will escape around the ball and lessen the force accelerating the ball. For best accuracy, you will want a very tight fit between bore, patch, and bullet. Round ball molds made by RCBS, Lyman, Pedersoli, Saeco & Buffalo Arms Co.

Of course the patchs would be cut by the rifling. Round balls do not retain energy well over long distances and are not flexible options for a wide variety of game and shooting conditions. I stress the powder charge thing because with any BP gun your accuracy can go to hell fast with too much or too little of a charge. This surprised me as I felt that the fast twist of all or most inlines would cause the patched round ball to be ripped from the lands and grooves causing a flyer.

My old traditions would cloverleaf at 50 yards with the aformentioned. Gray Smoke Wool Muzzleloading Rifle & Pistol Wads - Wool Wads improve the accuracy and standard deviation on most black powder rifles when used under a patched round ball, but show the most definitive improvements when used under Sabots and Maxi-Balls, Maxi Hunter, Great Plains, etc. of fffg and patched ball. The purpose of the patch is to create a seal, but as the test shows, the patch method still allows a lot of gas to escape around the ball while it is in the muzzle.

How accurate is a patched 50 cal. The tapered paper cartridge reload shot within 1 inch of the first shot. Hawkins loaded with 83 grains fff Goex and a patched round ball. 50 R.

A faster twist (like my rifle's 1:32) is usually best for conicals. 67 cal) Charleville Model 1777 flintlock musket. The real trick will be to get the halves to line up perfectly with a fine as possible mold parting line visible on the molded nylon ball. " From Sam Fadala's muzzleloading notebook # He wanted a patched round ball rifle with lots of punch, and the 15/16" diameter barrel provided the beefiness to permit shooting stout loads of FFFg black powder, and the slow 1 turn-in-70" twist allows it to be loaded and shot at fairly high velocity without loss of accuracy.

And the smoother, rounder surface assures better rotation and consistency. . Chapter 5. That's great news about the Green Mountain .

015”, and designed specifically for traditional round ball muzzleloader shooters. 10 pre-lubeb TC patches with a 490 round ball and 90 gr of 3F black powder. The patch is a simple gas seal between the ball and bore and helps the ball follow the twist of the rifling. Lead balls are packaged in our unique black plastic boxes for added protection and convenience.

This article is helpful to get me started. Still not a brown bear rifle in my view, but I'm looking forward to ventillating moose and elk. It does make a difference. It doen't matter if its a flintlock or inline.

The less you deform the face of the projectile, the better the accuracy will be. Wipe between rounds. I would think that in battle, a hastily loaded weapon would not perform 50 cal . As far as loads go you can start at 50gr and work up in 5 gr increments until you find an accurate load for your rifle.

The British Brown Bess musket used in the days of the American Revolution was about 75 caliber and they used a 69 caliber ball without a patch. By Toby Bridges, North American Muzzleloader Hunting Muzzleloaders have certainly come a long way in a few years. 13. 69 cal (actually .

10 patch the patch double in thickness so experiment with . ), or a 405 grain Maxi-ball and 90 grains of 2F powder max. I suggested it as a method and asked for comments. These fast twist barrels are for conicals or sabots only.

66 paper patched balls) and thus better accuracy. The Walker is twice as powerful at the same load. You absolutely will need to patch these balls. Find a Retailer Homemade Ball Patch Obtaining round ball patches for a .

Don't tamp the powder, just set the patched ball on the powder. Out of a quality bore, a properly loaded patched round ball can prove deadly accurate at the ranges it was truly intended for - and that is 25 to 50 yards. They use a good sized ball for their bore diameter, but the ball goes down without resistance unless the bore is real fouled, and then it rams down easy enough. " I have a wonderfully accurate .

Most sources say the 1:48 is best for the traditional Minie ball. He puts 80 grs. Have a Hawken style rifle that I want to use a patched round ball in. 50 cal.

32 caliber squirrel rifle is a problem here in the backwoods. Great care is taken to ensure smoothness and shape uniformity for better accuracy over the long haul. 010 muslin patch. I was hoping that casting my own Minnie balls would be a solution to both those problems.

32 caliber muzzleloader barrel for my Hawken on order, and I've been trying to get some loading info. _____ You can but the rifling twist will not be the best for accuracy. But bare ball accuracy is often very close in results. Pure lead patched round balls will meet all of these standards within limited ranges.

Don't use pre-cut patches. Stock up your favorite black powder supplies like round balls with the wide selection of items we have here at CheaperThanDirt. You can get them lubed or not for your 45 cal. For deer, the round ball is IMHO, a terrible choice.

Pistol Pellets are designed and intended for use only in newly manufactured modern replica 44 and 45 caliber cap and ball revolvers. This catalog is a record of molds I've made, and posted for reference. Sight-in at 50 Yards I sight-in any muzzleloader at 50 yards, trying to impact 3 inches above the bull’s-eye. I used to have a T/C Hawken that shot like that but my eyes got so's I can't see the front sight.

You can but the rifling twist will not be the best for accuracy. Most of the time with that, a sharp whack from a little wood mallet on the short starter is needed to get the ball past the muzzle. I attribute this to the tighter seal in the revolver. 100 yard accuracy: average four round group size – 2 1/8″ Wish you had tried patched round balls too, some of us still like the old traditional patch and ball The two T/C .

010" - . A. I am going to use a 1″ chrome steel ball bearing and round nose end mill as a cutting tools, first the end mill to rough it then the ball to finish it. This test was conducted using a greased and patched .

Hello, I'm looking for guidance on loads for my recently completed . The Thompson Center® Lubricated Round Ball Shooting Patches are designed for use on . 54 caliber round ball patches, but . In 50 caliber barrels having a 1 in 48 inch twist, it has been my experience that when using a patched roundball that a powder charge of 70-75 grains of FFG powder is generally the most accurate load.

I could not think of a single hunting experience when I did not have time to follow my simple, accuracy enhancing, reloading process. I find that the damp patch scours the excess fouling and allows me to shoot all day without ever having to clean the rifle. I know my Renegade barrels are about . My shot load is pretty straight forward.

Use of the traditional patched round ball in the WBTS was VERY limited though. 720 . I have had quite a few inline subscribers switch to granulated powder, and patched round ball with considerable success. Best accuracy is usually accomplished with a much closer fit, tailored to a particular firearm.

The rifles were loaded with a slightly undersized ball wrapped in a patch. My problem was being able to seat the patch/ball combo down the barrel. cal. There are faster barrels available, 1-20, 1-24, 1-28 ans 1-38 are all being made by different companies.

Hunters enjoy accuracy and game taking performance at 100 to 200 yards with the proper loads. How to cast round balls the easy way. I am using 60 grains of 2f powder. Some 1:48's can be just as accurate as the slower twist barrels but may take more work finding the right patch, ball and powder charge to make it so.

75 barrel with ~. the third is to use a . 80 gr of 3F is a good target load and super more pleasure too shoot and easier on the shoulder too . Rifling twist at 1:48 is a bit fast to get a good shooting round ball hunting load.

i use a strip of ticking just wider than the barrel and cut it with a patch knife. by Ed Wosika. So I had to go with a inline MZL and scope. 32 SP or .

600 ball and . The one advantage a round ball and patch has over a mini ball is, you can load a ball and patch heavy and not have to worry about the skirt blowing out, where as the mini was designed to be loaded with only about 65 grains of powder back in the day. 015-. Muzzleloading Team.

The British skipped all of these logistical concerns by using a . Obviously you can shoot a bare ball but accuracy and velocity will suffer as the patch serves as a gas seal. 11 caps or T/C flints. Be aware that due to their custom nature, many of these bullets are designed for a specific purpose or firearm, and won't necessarily fit or feed as drawn in all guns of that caliber.

It's fun but patched round balls aren't giving me the accuracy that I need, and modern sabot projectiles are expensive and probably not even allowed. _____ My Colrain barrel is tuff to load with a . Cut the patch off at the muzzle. 006" vs my green mountain barrels that are .

i played with . The local Wal-Mart and the local gun shop both carry . I hunt with round ball and am willing to use maxi-balls because I believe that muzzle loader season is about hunting deer with primitive firearms, those that would not be out of place in the Civil War and not firearms of modern design that technically meet the definition of a muzzle loader but are modern in all other ways. Medium twist barrels are designed to shoot both patched round balls and conical bullets.

495 pure lead round balls made by several manufactures. By increasing the speed of rotation, a muzzleloader can use a modern day style bullet. Round balls may be used in a muzzleloader with a fast twist with good results. Pyrodex Pellets may be used in cartridges.

I recently post a question about the accuracy of my Armi sport 1853 with round balls. Keep trying combinations until you get the best accuracy. A round ball is unique among projectiles in that its ballistic characteristics are solely dependant upon its diameter (unless it's made of something other than lead). 010 patches etc but seem to always go back to the .

Combining the inherent accuracy of the . Or you can cast your own with a simple mold. 1-48 should shoot both round ball and conicals with reasonable accuracy. Bess Musket.

They may also be used in 45 caliber in-line rifles. Tip: Round ball shooters. 62 round balls for my . The bore, as I mentioned, is .

45 or . Excellent woods shooter with little susceptibility to deflection. They sell 1. So you're shooting a patched round ball 50 cal.

for use in cartridges, or with patched round ball. - Duration: 7:05. The MInie is aerodynamically superior, but a . The key is to reduce the powder charge so the ball does not travel through the barrel so fast that it strips the rifling and does not take the twist or rotation.

Many say if you are loading a tight patched ball combo it should be tight because of a thick patch, not a large ball with thin patch. Muzzleloader Accuracy: Ball, Patch and Patch Lube Uncle Sasquatch. Accuracy for me is to hit a golf ball at 100 yards off a benchrest ALL DAY LONG . 015 patch but is more accurate vs a .

When I tried the same charge with patched round balls it shredded the patch and threw the round balls all over the target. The idea is to provide acceptable accuracy using either type of projectile. FPS = feet per second at muzzle. of triple f black powder.

Also how much more accurate is a 1:32 rifling vs. Have some . E. Best Answer: you can but you wont get the same accuracy as you will in a rifle with the 1 turn in 66 inches rifling optimized for round balls.

That's 15K on one side. The . 40 caliber round ball with a 31" precision rifled barrel (1 in 48" twist), Thompson/ Center has produced a competition grade rifle that will shoot as well as it looks. That was quite a few years ago, about 1990.

These usually work okay with round balls and moderate loads, or with very short conicals. Last Friday a new shooter from a Minuteman company in Massachusetts came by. 690 Round Ball Slug Mould. 490 with a .

010 patch. Both barrels are 32 inches long. 31 or . My brother has a 50 cal.

Thickness of the patch can make a lot of difference. Some of them, though, achieve their compromise by compromising accuracy--they just don't shoot anything all that well! The rifle features a 33 1/2" octagonal barrel with a 1 in 66" rifling for patched round ball accuracy. These precision swaged, pure lead round balls are sized properly to work with any rifle or pistol of appropriate caliber. I should have only done so provisionally.

When they are hunting and want to change from ball to shot or the other way around they can quickly pull the top wad with a screw and dump out whichever, the ball will roll out. Pedersoli Hawken in a cap lock that is real nice and shoots good. 50 Cal . First it was pointed out that there is a big difference in accuracy between using a patched, well fitting round ball and the so-called "undersized" ball that was used in the regular army in the 18th c.

The sabot bullets etc are bewildering and expensive too! What sort of accuracy can be expected from smoothbore muzzleloaders and at what range? I have read of and been told of some pretty impressive accuracy using sized close fitting balls and also patched round balls but have no first hand experience. 570 balls with a . 480 Lead Balls Item #6088 | 100/Box . 3F in my .

Lots of folks buy Jeff Tanner . Patched Round Balls. T/C Round Ball Accuracy I got into a heated argument with a older fella' at work today about T/C barrels with the shallow grooves and round ball accuracy. Firing at targets over the snow I was able to find fired patches and compare them with accuracy.

Lead Round Balls Round balls can be purchased from manufacturers like Hornady and Speer, in either cast or swaged iterations. The shot I took was no more than 20 yards and did not pass through. We usually use them with a shotcup for tight woods loads. Roundballs still best overall choice for flintlock hunting Depending on the rate of twist of a muzzleloader rifle barrel, a patched roundball may be the better choice than a conical bullet for accuracy when hunting deer during the flintlock season.

I was shooting Hornady . 690" round ball mould. Whether you are shooting patched round ball, a modern sabot load or a conical projectile, muzzleloading has never been easier! Used on a volume for volume basis for your traditional black powder loads, it will give you the same performance, velocity and accuracy without the messy clean-up and difficult follow-up reloading from black powder fouling. com.

That's a lot of slop that's not going to be user friendly to the accuracy of the ball or the bore of the shooter. I shoot paper cartridges like they did in the armies in the 18 century, and I like the size of the round ball to be just a little smaller. Yeah, I allowed for this one. I have been reading that some people have success in shooting a patched round ball out of a faster twist barrel and am just looking for any insights that the Arfcom community might be able to provide.

for deer hunting. Major Ferguson of the British army was killed at Kings Mountain by a 40 ball . Testing indicates no appreciable difference in impact between the regular cloth-patched round ball or the tapered paper cartridge reload as can be seen on the 75-yard target below. They were the magnum in there day .

You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. L. What stroke of insanity caused me to embark on something like this I'll never know, but one thing's for sure, my friends all agree I'm nuts. Round balls are extremely fast, accurate, and very lethal for a short distance.

You should use a lubed patch for best accuracy. In a 1 in 47 twist rifle you really don't want to shoot anything but patched round ball, thats how Daniel Boone hit something at 200 yards at thats how I do it at 200 yds. Had some great accuracy around 70 gr. Back the charge down.

To read more, please click here! maximum range for T/C Hawken 50 caliber muzzleloader w/370 grain Lyman maxi-ball ? > caliber and patched round balls, getting good flight with them and the A well fitting patched round ball will push into the muzzle with a finger, and is easily pushed home to the powder charge with the ramrod. 54 caliber Hawken rifle. This can be adjusted by ball diameter and patch thickness. I was consistently shooting about 8-10" high.

595 molds so they can use a thicker patch, but I haven't gone that far yet. I shoot 229 gr. I use linen cloth, not cotton, for the patching material. I shoot .

vs Round Ball Hunting Ballistics I have 2 barrels for my percussion Lyman Great Plains Rifle, a 1:60 twist for round balls a 1-32 twist for heavier bullets. Some rifles come with a compromise twist of 1:48. also a 50 cal barrel should use a . Obviously, we are very concerned with the accuracy of such a follow up shot.

50 Caliber Round Balls For those hunters who prefer (or are required by law) to use patched round balls in their muzzleloader. Loads - When poor muzzleloader accuracy is due to your load, it can most often be blamed on a magnum (150 grain) powder charge. Accepting to hunt with the patched round ball, which I’ve done plenty of seasons over the years, is to only take shots well inside of the round ball’s effective range. Slow velocity does not work well when you are hunting.

patched round ball accuracy If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. patched round balls. 015" patch. An effective tool when used in a 12 gauge shotgun.

54 caliber rifle, while not an all-day shooter without cleaning, it too exhibited marked improvement, and now, under field conditions doesn't require cleaning between shots for those number of Hornady® Premium Swaged Lead Balls have no air pockets, no sprues, greater uniformity in roundness, weight, and size for better accuracy. FFFG Pyrodex and . 250 gr. Theory on Accurate Ball Shooting.

All you need is 50-60gr of Black Powder and a patched ball. TC Renegade . The only ball mold that's remotely close that I can afford is a Lee . Another option to experiment with,an outfit called Ox-Yoke makes pre-cut round ball patched.

For all shooting. 50 patched round ball from my new gun. 50 round balls from last muzzleloader. S.

Anyone Else Shooting 58 Caliber or Larger? The increased impact over 54 caliber is startling, and by rep anyway, the extra diameter and weight of the ball greatly improves performance on moose. 50 caliber My goal yesterday was to get the rifle sighted in at 50 yards and hopefully find a decently accurate load. It will shoot a patched round ball also because it has a 1 in 72 twist The Walker is twice as powerful at the same load. 50 caliber rifles.

50 and have a large supply of . 12ga . The first round you fire from your muzzle loader may not be the most accurate. 40 caliber patched round ball has long been considered the "ultimate" projectile for competitive shooting.

I didn't say I HAD to P/P the ball. most modern flint locks have a 1:48 or 1:28 which is perfectlly fine for sabots or any other type of projectile. Tighter is usually more accurate; however, more difficult to load. patched round ball need a 1 in 60 twist or slower, or you will strip the patch off the ball.

The two most accurate round ball guns I 1-48 should shoot both round ball and conicals with reasonable accuracy. When shooting a patched, round ball, you can change ball diameter and patch thickness. Then use your short starter,and push the ball home. 490 or .

Find a Good question! I shoot a old 54 side hammer with patch round ball and love it dearly. 575 round ball will knock any game down within 100 yards. I took it to the range today and with 85 grs. 535 w/.

You can try what is calles a Maxi ball a conical bullet wiyth two grease rings. Patched round ball can deliver astonishing accuracy in the correct barrel. Smoothbore Patched Round Ball Accuracy I'm in the works of building myself a seriously kick@$$ muzzle loader, it's going to be a caplock 4 bore, that's right, a 4 bore. 11 caps.

Personal hunting weapons were used of course especially in the West and especially by militia or home guard. When shooting patched round ball, better accuracy will be achieved by cutting the patch material at the muzzle than by using pre-cut patches. 100 pack. 54 caliber rifle which happens to have a rate of twist of a turn in 79 inches.

My patches are pillow ticking and lubed with Track of the Wolf's Mink Oil Tallow. 2. I can usually hover around 3" at 50 yards with RB. Back when I shot my old Renegade (still got it too) it didn't seem to like the heavy loads and the groups would spread.

490" round ball, and CCI No. So, good enough. That was long before the current craze of smoothbore shooting had come about, and getting information about round ball loads for one was essentially impossible. Black powder & muzzle loading bullet molds for sale.

An 85- to 100-grain charge will effectively shoot . I have taken deer with both but never studied the numbers on these. 015 patches and either . Cheaper Than Dirt! and the Obviously, we are very concerned with the accuracy of such a follow up shot.

I have a . 32 caliber patches are available only via special order, taking about a week to arrive and costing about $4 per hundred. Consistent and Accurate Performance. My particular rifle is sensitive to the patch lube used, but not to the extent you are talking about.

Selling shooting supplies, bullet casting supplies & accessories since 1990! The White SUPER 91 is designed for and or patched round ball that is larger than the bore. Accuracy for him is to hit an orange at 100 yards off a benchrest three times. For best accuracy you will want a very tight fit between bore, patch, and bullet. 54 flint.

All of those options killed the game, but I’m a believer in Murphy’s Law, so I prefer bullets that will perform in the worst-case scenario. 495 ball The second is to source a barrel from a percussion revolver in . 010 to equal the bore size. The 40-45cal were the preferred deer round ball in the eastern half of the USA.

hornady . It was a T/C Round Ball Accuracy I got into a heated argument with a older fella' at work today about T/C barrels with the shallow grooves and round ball accuracy. They loaded them up to 190 grs of 2F which was 2200 fps with 500 gr minnie ball which put it up the with a 458 Winchester magnum class . A ball about .

490 round ball at 50 yards it's putting em just about in the same hole dead center in a 3'' target. Traditional style patched round-ball muzzleloaders are best used at 50 to 125 yards on big game. 36 which seems like the most likely resolution at this point. ” This is the first part of a series of articles covering the ballistics and accuracy of the patched round ball compared to heavy conical slugs.

I’ve killed more than 300 critters in 17 states, four Canadian provinces and Namibia with muzzleloaders, and I used anything from a patched round ball to 530-grain bore-sized conical bullets. Muzzle velocity also depends on the tightness of the ball and patch in the barrel. 50 and . surprised at the level of accuracy and performance that the SUPER But if it’s a .

Jake and I discuss ball diameter, patch thickness and patch lube. 4. I had good success over the years with the patched round ball, supposedly the most inefficient design of projectile, but Speer® offers a variety of lead balls for the traditional round ball shooting enthusiast. I first shot it with 60 grains of Goex 2Fg black powder, a patched .

54 cal you could use mini balls once you find the right powder charge it likes for accuracy with that projectile and patched round balls will work great, again with the right powder charge. macreverie: Accuracy would be the main advantage of a patched round ball over a ball fired from a smoothbore of the same calibre. Every deer I've taken with that load passed straight through side to side and exits. Technical Information: Traditions Shenandoah Percussion Rifle.

And beyond a certain point velocity is immaterial. 54 caliber round balls with 40 grains of powder and for my gun that is a super accurate round. a conical bullet at 100 to 150 yds. 530 ball.

Balls are . Remember that your patch material, thickness and lube are as important as the ball size. I shoot 80 grs. To sweeten the deal, it was also the first rifle for which I had ever cast any projectiles.

patched round ball accuracy

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