Gruffi Gummi | Dawn | Résumé : Après le match contre le Brésil Olivier finit par déclarer ses sentiments à Patty et finit par revoir d'anciennes amies à lui après cet évènement celui-ci va les soutenir dans plusieurs épreuves et par changer légèrement l'histoire. Neewa | King Louie | Tito | Timon (2019) | John Rolfe | Queen Athena | King John | Pluto | After checking out the house, Dodger enters Georgette's (the Foxworth family's spoiled pedigree poodle dog show queen) room. Taran | Jasmine | Jack Magary | Oliver et Compagnie (1988) Nom d'origine : Rita: Animé par : Voix originale: Sheryl Lee Ralph (voix parlée), Ruth Pointer (chant) Voix française: Sylvie Moreau (voix parlée), Dada Hekimian (chant) Robert Philip | Data-Sora, This hero was proposed but was rejected by the community for not being admirable enough or lacks what is necessary to be a. Tramp (2019) | Lulu Plummer | Anna Coleman | Murgatroid the Snake | Oliver and everyone else jump in and drive away as fast as they can. Anita Radcliffe | Oliver est un chaton abandonné dans l’inhospitalière cité new-yorkaise. Mr. Grasshopper | The gang notice Winston banging on something with a rolling pin, thinking he's "torturing" Oliver. Hermes | Sarabi | From the top of Sykes' office, Oliver and the dogs observe Sykes talking on the phone to Winston for ransom and Jenny's okay but tied up. Darwin | Emperor Kuzco | Fairy Godmother | Carol Newman-Calvin | Then, Oliver reveals to them the truth about his involvement in Dodger's scheme about the hot dogs theft. Trusty | Varian | Mufasa | After Francis distracts Winston, they enter the house where Tito, along with Rita, points out that the place doesn't look too bad and Francis who is admiring Chagall and Matisse's masterpieces (dog paintings), thus, admiring the place more than focusing on their friend. As soon as Dodger mentions his "monster" (Oliver) in the story, Rita becomes a bit scared and even more spooked like the gang when the "monster" falls in. Oliver y fait la connaissance du maître humain de Roublard, le ferrailleur Fagin, ainsi que toute la bande de chiens « laissés pour compte » : le chihuahua Tito, le dogue allemand Einstein, le bouledogue intellectuel Francis et Rita, un lévrier afghan affectueux et plein de bon sens. Victoria | When the rest of the company drive back down, Jenny runs to search for Oliver, only to find a sad Dodger approaching; holding a "thought to be dead" Oliver. Nick Wilde | Santa Claus | Her speaking voice is done by Sheryl Lee Ralph, and Ruth Pointer, one of the Pointer Sisters, does her singing voice (for "Streets of Gold," though, but in the "Why Should I Worry" reprise, Ralph does her own singing.). Terra (Lingering Will) | Kovu | Diaval | Alice Kingsleigh | Goodtime Charlie | When Fagin notices Oliver's new golden collar tag, he has an idea for ransoming him. Bambi's Mother | After Fagin and Jenny have a small conversation with Sykes and his dogs unnoticeably watching them in his car, Jenny turns out to be Oliver's owner with only a piggy bank as payment to get Oliver back and starts crying. Prince Charming (2015) | Freeze Girl | Minnie Mouse | Penny Gadget | Mittens | Marahute | Then, the rest of the gang enter her room. Michael Darling | Jock | Mowgli (2016) | Flounder | Neera | Seule femelle du groupe, cette chienne aux cheveux bruns décoiffés et aux yeux fardés de bleu est bien plus douce et compréhensive que ses congénères ; ainsi, elle est la seule à comprendre dès le départ qu’Oliver sera plus heureux chez Jennifer Foxworth qu’avec eux. Rita and the gang get back to Fagin while Dodger and Tito follow the car where Oliver was taken in. Phillip Hoffman | Oliver et Compagnie(Oliver and Company), est le35e film d'animationet le27e«Classique d'animation»américain desstudios Disney, réalisé par George Scribner, sorti en1988. Fred | Rajah | Jinmay | Thelma | Panchito Pistoles | Scrooge McDuck | Zoe Plummer | Donald Duck | Sergeant Calhoun | When Dodger is asked by his pals about how he got those sausages, he tells them every event that occurred to him today (albeit in an overly-dramatic way). Nikki | Henrietta | Chip Potts | 27ème grand classique des studios Disney, Oliver et Compagnie (Oliver & Company) est la libre adaptation du célèbre roman de Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist.Réalisé par Georbe Scribner, le réalisateur du Prince et le Pauvre, le film prend place au coeur du New York des années 1980.Dans cette jungle urbaine, un petit chaton abandonné, Oliver, tente de survivre. L'histoire se passe après l'épisode 52 de la série Olive et Tom Le Retour. Toaster | Philoctetes | Max Dennison | Alice Liddell | Beast (2017) | When Fagin enters home; after the Dobermans leave while swearing revenge on them; mostly Roscoe; starting with Oliver, all wet after falling off a pier and full of sadness since he's been given three days to pay Mr. Sykes back or else there's no telling what will happen to him, his house, and his dogs, the dogs do everything they can to cheer him up. The rest of the gang shows up after having distracted their enemies. Sir Victor | Cobra Bubbles | Things go well until Sykes cuts off the controls of the crane with a fire axe; causing Oliver and the rest to fall and land on a long slide. Holt Farrier | Cogsworth | Kronk |, Although she has no apparent attraction to Sykes, Rita is perhaps the closest counterpart to Nancy, the prostitute who befriends the titular hero in. Cash | Rita is first seen napping on Fagin's house boat. Jumba Jookiba | This was the first Disney animated film be dubbed in Canadian French as well as European French. Yar | Max Goof | Adira | Naminé | Great Prince of the Forest | Data-Naminé | Sally | Yao, Ling, and Chien Po | Lumière | Tinker Bell | Nala (2019) | Nani Pelekai | Forest Animals | Despite Tito being the only dog to continuously call Francis; "Frank" or "Frankie," Rita and Einstein were first heard calling him Frankie once when they were disappointed to find out that he forgot it was his turn to get the food for them the day Dodger met Oliver. Rita is later seen sleeping in her bed but then awakened when she hears and sees Oliver rushing to Dodger to sleep with him. Quasimodo | Ce site non officiel est géré exclusivement par des fans de Oliver & Compagnie. Elizabeth James | Lofty | Oliver even tries to "bark" like a dog to shoo the alley dog away too and the gang find it amusing a bit. José Carioca | Wayne Szalinski | Lefty | Radio | Ryan Evans | Sparky | Elrena | Granny Rose | Bongo the Bear | Unfortunately, Sykes bursts into the scene, kidnaps Jenny, throws Oliver out of the window, and tells Fagin to keep his mouth shut and to consider their account closed. Dixie | Rama | Ebenezer Scrooge | Pleakley | Bruni | Artemis Fowl | Hercules | Br'er Rabbit | Mice (2015) | Dodger leads the "rescue" mission to recover Oliver the next day while Jenny's at school. Pip | Sarafina (2019) | When Sykes' car collides with Fagin's scooter, Jenny falls and ends up on Sykes' hood. Olivia Flaversham | Ryder Nattura | Ron Wilson | Morgana Macawber | She briefly appeared in the opening theme of House of Mouse but was never seen in the episodes. Pascal | Winston finds it a bit weird nevertheless, he leaves. Wing Commander Gutsy | Strelitzia | Artemis Fowl I | Suri | Madeline Robin | Fifi | Bridget | Frou-Frou | Vixey | Kristoff | Before cooperating with the "rescue," Winston manages to get back inside and checks to see if Georgette is alright. | Later on, after Einstein stops the limousine with Jenny Foxworth in it by running into it head-first as part of Dodger's plan, Francis plays the part of the dog hit as a way of distracting Winston, the driver and Foxworth family's butler, while Oliver and Tito mostly handle the theft. The late Whitney Houston was considered for the role of Rita before Sheryl Lee Ralph was cast. Louis the Alligator | 22 sept. 2019 - Découvrez le tableau "Oliver et compagnie" de Vanessa Gentil sur Pinterest. Maurice | Maru | Oliver and Company Elliott (2016) | Lucy Pevensie | When the plan backfires, Tito is seen "flying" out of the car and electrocuted. Perri | Warren Peace | Maid Marian | Blade Ranger | White Fang | En 1989, le jeu vidéo Oliver et Compagnie est publié par Coktel Vision sur DOS, Amiga, Atari ST. When it's time for bed, Einstein insists Fagin reads them a bedtime story. Tito gets angry and tries to fight Roscoe, not before being held back by Einstein. With Joey Lawrence, Billy Joel, Cheech Marin, Richard Mulligan. Le film est l'adaptation du livre Oliver Twist de Charles Dickens. Tonto | Rita is a Saluki dog and one of the deuteragonists in Disney's 1988 feature film Oliver & Company. Toulouse | Spot the Killer Whale | Vanellope von Schweetz | Kida | "Oliver et compagnie" est le titre français du film "Oliver & company" dans sa version originale. Juarez | Allison | Chad Danforth | Charlotte La Bouff | Inspector Gadget | Winnie the Pooh (2018) | They slide until they reach the end where, unfortunately, their enemies have them cornered. Monker Muddlefoot | while the rest of the gang are causing a mess in her room, with Francis lying on her bed and eating her chocolates and mostly Einstein when he sniffs her powder and sneezes, thus, causing her to call Winston again but when Dodger mentions that they'll leave as soon as they get their cat back, she's cooperative. Basil of Baker Street | Queen Anna | Honey Lemon | Lewis | Grace | White Queen | Martin | Rabbit | Madame Upanova | Water Rat | Jack Skellington | Sunni Gummi | Edmund Pevensie | Tik-Tok | Giselle | Cinderella | Pete | Fflewddur Fflam | Eeyore | Colonel Haiti | At first, Dodger can't understand but after watching Rita, who is half asleep and who witnessed Oliver rushing over to him, and Oliver smile, he quickly understands that the kitten loves him then falls asleep; Rita as well. Animé par. Rhino | Brain | Bentina Beakley | Rebecca Cunningham | Pecos Bill | Stella | Gurgi | Cubbi Gummi | Thomas | Duchess | James Henry Trotter | When it's time to go, the gang (except Tito) say their good-byes to Oliver and vice versa. Rita is finally seen joining in with her friends at the end of the reprise of "Why Should I Worry" and driving in Fagin's scooter back home. Sergeant Tibbs | King Gregor | On the Brooklyn Bridge, when Jenny is calling for Fagin's help, Fagin comes to help her while Tito takes command of his scooter. Reuben | Scott Calvin | The Gump | The Lone Ranger | Dodger then discusses the "rescue mission" with the gang. After Tito is insulted by Francis and starts scolding at him, Rita wakes up and tells them to "cut it out." Bagheera | "Oliver et compagnie" est le titre français du film "Oliver & company" dans sa version originale. Thunderbolt | The gang (except Dodger) surround Oliver and ask him questions about how and why he came to their place; mostly Rita does the questioning. David Kawena | Oliver | Troy Bolton | Flynn Rider | Buck | Nora | Clopin | Heihei | Zazu (2019) | Big Red | Fix-It Felix, Jr. | Samson | Lea | Juju | Mad Hatter | Berlioz | Rafiki | Madame Leota | Dr. Joshua Sweet | Pumbaa (2019) | Stanley Yelnats IV | Tous droits réservés par Walt Disney Feature Animation, propriétaire des séries et films Oliver & Compagnie. Buck Cluck | Athos | Prince Charming | Sometimes, Rita acts like a mother figure to Oliver since she is seen; most of the time, taking care of him, teaching him while singing "Streets of Gold" as a way of educating him about the rough and tough streets of New York and about "how the best survive by keeping their dreams alive," protecting him from danger, the only one convinced that he's happy in his new home after being adopted by a little girl named Jenny Foxworth, and happily saying good-bye to him in the end. Kevin Flynn | Toby | Nakoma | Kala | Akela (2016) | Gwen Piper | Ventus | Winnie the Pooh | Any act of adding this hero to the Pure Good category without a proposal or creating a proposal for this hero without the permission of an administrator will result in a ban.Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. She asks Francis what is it but he doesn't know either. Sheik Amar | No information Bobby and Clank | Sven | Origin Natalie Magary | Cloak & Camo | In this animated classic based on Charles Dickens' timeless Oliver Twist, homeless Oliver, a feisty young cat, is rescued by a pack of dogs and welcomed into their gang. Balthazar Blake | Layla Williams | Oswald the Lucky Rabbit | Moana Waialiki | The Baker | Mortimer Mouse | Thomas O'Malley | Ce site non officiel est géré exclusivement par des fans de Oliver & Compagnie. Pistol Pete | Sitka | Alan-A-Dale | En 1989, le jeu vidéo Oliver et Compagnie est publié par Coktel Vision sur DOS, Amiga, Atari ST. Blue Fairy | Url | Ratso | Aurora | Yao, Ling and Chien Po | Gusto Gummi | Lumière (2017) | Ted Johnson | Aslan | Type of Hero Sylvia Marpole | Lilo Pelekai | Flit | George Knox | Fauna | Zero | Victor, Hugo, & Laverne | Merlin | Tiana | Il s'agit du second film ayant eu droit à une version québécoise après Qui veut la peau de Roger Rabbit. Lady | Pocahontas | Koda | Abby Mallard | Sykes manages to grab Jenny's leg and pull her back in, not before Oliver and Dodger jump on him and fight him off; allowing Jenny to jump to Fagin on his scooter. Milly and Joe Farrier | The Prince | Einstein along with Francis are seen hiding under Georgette's bed cover with half of Georgette's body sticking out, Dodger and Rita posing as dog statue replicas and Tito hanging on a coat hanger of the door. Fagin, at first, has a hard decision about whether to follow his good heart or not then, he gives up and pretends to find Oliver in a box and hands him to Jenny. Mulch Diggums | Mrs. Ladybug | Billina | Herbie | As the plan is set with Francis as the first "cannonball," Oliver as the second "cannonball," and Tito as the "maestro," Rita and the gang call for Francis to see if he's ready and he is, thus, jumping on the seesaw and launching Oliver up and through a window and inside. Cassim | Hobby Emma | Mooch | ... Jennifer est sauvée par Oliver et ses compères et s’échappe dans le panier du scooter conduit par Fagin. Snow White | Release date : Canada - November 18, 1988 This is the first Disney ANIMATED movie to receive a separate dubbing from and for Quebec. Cri-Kee | Ancestors | Athena | Ethan Dalloway | Spring Sprite | When Dodger assures her that he isn't, Georgette feels insulted, thus, giving him an uninteresting education about herself. Horace Horsecollar | Little Red Riding Hood | Kevin Flynn | Cala | Baloo (2016) | After having a talk with Dodger, Rita and the rest of the gang are sad to see their friend go and Oliver leaves but is also sad and full of sorrow. Skipper Riley | Mertle Edmonds | Rita is the only one of Fagin's dogs who is a female. Mr. J. Thaddeus Toad | Full Name Conall | Mrs. Jumbo | Kessie | Robin Hood | The next day, the gang are riding in Fagin's scooter but then, they're told to get out on the street to search for food while Fagin searches for a way to earn or even steal money. Eeyore (2018) | When Fagin, the dogs' owner, enters and tells them to stop the "fight" he is noticing, the dogs notice the dog biscuits Fagin bought them and then they run and jump on him to give him a warm welcome home. Mrs. Calloway | Prudence | Jiminy Cricket | She is kind, funny, tough, proud, and beautiful. Angel | Perdita | Megara | Toughwood & Tailfeather | Le chaton rencontre alors Roublard, un chien errant qui propose de faire équipe afin de récupérer les saucisses. Duma | Oliver et Compagnie (Oliver & Company), est le 35e long-métrage d'animation et le 27e « Classique d'animation » des studios Disney. Olive Oyl | Bagheera (2016) | Alan Bradley | John Darling | Princess Calla | Fagin then drives them through a tunnel with Sykes still in pursuit. Regarder le film Oliver et Compagnie en streaming vf complet sans inscription : film Oliver et Compagnie Le célèbre roman de Charles Dickens, revu et corrigé par les Productions Walt Disney où le héros, Oliver Twist, endosse le Ivan | Jim Evers | Aqua | Huckleberry Finn | Elsa Van Helsing | Living with the Company dogs in New York Oliver says he followed Dodger, Tito thinks he's lying while repeating "he's lying" countless times and is kicked by Rita to shut him up then, Francis asks: "Now why would a cat follow a dog?"