Good quality ingredients but a bit similar to Heritage, though without the patchouli and there's less aggressive lavender here. This is not a review of notes. So... yyyyea, another heads up to all of You people who are ready to throw money on stuff that is absolutely NOT original, not unique and most of all NOT worth the price. But calling this feminine is utterly ridiculous in my opinion. I sniffed this out on a paper strip 3 different times at Neiman Marcus and just thought " it smells ok " I didn't think much of it, walked out and threw the strip in the trash along with other strips but this last time I sprayed it on my forearm "the rest of my arms were already sprayed with other fragrances" and I spent a good part of my day smelling like a complete mess but late in the evening after the fragrances died down something so pleasant kept wafting passed my nose, I smelled my forearm and just couldn't believe how fantastic BdP had turned out, I mean I was totally freaking floored! * Don't get me wrong, it is a very nice fragrance, however it is just not particularly dynamic fragrance, and therefore not on my list of "must haves" especially for the price. Popular Codes. Canada. One of the best deliveries by Creed yet still not entirely stisfying. I know that this scent is not for everybody. As a 30 plus man, this is a lovely fragrance for one's wardrobe. The opening is so beautiful to me, but also bizarre. This is the one you pull out when your dressed up. This is what I wear when I want to feel like a classic, refined gentleman. Prices are calculated as of 28/12/2020 based on a check-in date of 10/01/2021. For Creed elegance, I'd go with Royal Mayfair, which also has better silage and longevity than BdP. Putting aside the top notes (since I generally try to avoid most of them), what I get is a syrupy, slightly musky blend of amber/vanilla, spices, lavender, and civet. I was inspired to buy this back in September 2010 for an event I went to for a 1920's theme for Elves and More...raising money for bikes for kids at Christmas. De plus, en ce qui concerne la composition des poteaux en pin maritime que nous commercialisons, ils sont traités à la Tanalith E 8001 (Pour plus de détails visionnez la fiche produit CTB p+ ci dessous) Le certificat d’immatriculation change de format au Portugal à partir du 1er août 2019. And those words describe it perfectly without it smelling to dated or to overly spiced (think aramis or azzaro pour homme). Nicely balanced notes of lavender and woods. It's got that old fashioned vibe of a men's scent, but very refined and with a ton of class and very suave. Frank Sinatra's favourite perfume was it? Not the other two aren't classy enough. It is my favourite Creed now. I purchased this one today in a 120ml bottle. Bois du Portugal was launched in 1987. Portugal en français. The women in my life, wife, daughters, co-workers and friends...will literally take a deep inhale when near me and close their eyes and sigh. Prime example of proper masculine scent that is beyond time. This cologne truly smells masculine and the composition is very mature, very grounded and reassuring, fitting a mature man over 35 (in other words its not for boys!. BDP is one of the best because of how I feel when I wear it. Tuscan leather from Tom Ford makes me feel worthy and mentally rich. Good clean scent. There's a barbershop, aftershave vibe and I'm reminded a lot of Dior's Eau Sauvage with the citrus turned down and the wood and spices turned up. By far the top fragrance for men by Creed. BDP is so harmonious with the core of my being that I feel like I am a piece of art. There is character in this which to my nose comes from the cedar. Sandalwood and lavender are definitely there. And nothing against those fragrances but up against this.....this comes across more contemporary and more smooooooooth. Starts out with a beautiful citrus scent on me, then settles to a powdery, almost fruity fragrance. out of From the time I stopped wearing it (only a couple of days) to the time I tried it again, I don't know what happened but I'm glad it did!!! Hopefully, I get this for Christmas this year or something. Reminds me of Aramis or a much more spicy Chanel Pour Monsieur. What year are we talking? Now £24 on Tripadvisor: Pinhal do Sol Hotel, Quarteira. Argentina. So I bought this as a blind buy, and you know what many say about blind buys, even this. 15-jun-2017 - "Portugal n'est pas un petit pays" : carte postale éditée par le secrétariat de la propagande nationale du Portugal sous Salazar ; oblitérée en 1939. The drydown also kind of reminds me of Lalique White (lemon-pepper-woods type accord). 4.25 Such is the case with Bois du Portugal...a classic, yet timeless, fragrance that reminds me of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin (the Matt Helm version) each and every time I wear it with my hair slicked back and sportin' a blazer. If that doesn't apply to you, then wear this on those tense occasions at work, where you've got to be the anchor, the rock, or the man with the plan! It is a bit powdery and definitely Old School, so keep this in mind. It gives an aura of a crisp arrangement of tobacco and cedar, with the woody aromatics elevating this pleasantly to a league of its own. Exposition: Pleine lumière. Longevity is similar on both. introduit le nématode du pin. It does have an older feel as it was released in 87 but like green irish tweed it still holds up well today. Creed Bois Du Portugal Eau de Parfum... (147.00 EUR), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online only 5 items on, Perfume rating It’s time we broke down such arcane ideas about age in the same way that we are doing with gender. Of the top of my head I’m thinking coming in 2nd place would be Rive Gauche and Prada Infusion Vetiver. Although it was introduced couple of years after GIT, the latter is more versatile and has been on high demand since, but Its not the same for this one. The hidden feelings and quasi-memories that some fragrances allude to from behind locked doors are unleashed fully with Creed. (Written concurrently with Parfums de Nicolai New York). The image which draws this robust fragrance is a neat and perfect, crossing full of class and classicism... at the wheel of the convertible a man wears a Navy blue sport jacket, takes positions sunglasses... his hands wear gloves leather dark coffee with your hand left turns on a cigarette... straight cross an intact forest North of Vermont... then the fifth speed brings with it a bestial ROAR that springs from a 1969 Shelby Cobra engine color green bottle... From the fairly early days of Creed when Olivier engaged some decent noses to compose his perfumes. 10/10 for me. Bois du Portugal is so well-blended that it perfects the classic, old school vibe without showing signs of age. La location d’une voiture est indispensable pour rejoindre cette destination. And when you put them together, it's nearly impossible to tell what's actually in this bottle, it's that well mixed and combined. The base notes are full of sandalwood, slightly sweet and powdery. It lasts, but goes to skin scent rather quickly. The only real relief from this strong linear beast is the vetiver and ambergris, which add a bit of a sweet, earthy and salty element to this scent. See 996 traveller reviews, 692 candid photos, and great deals for Pinhal do Sol Hotel, ranked #30 of 49 hotels in Quarteira and rated 3.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. "D'après les plus récents modèles de prévision, l'impact du […] Holiday apartments in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal. PDN New York is cheaper and imo better than BDP. It takes me somewhere else in my mind. This is what a gentleman should smell like. This is a unique and ravishing scent that can only be worn by gentlemen of an evening who have romance on the mind. Hurry up and grab up bottles from the discounters before they become rare and the price leaps up. The powdery is what came through the most and that's not what I'm into (if you are, try L'Occitane Vetyver; powdery and it's way less expensive). If Lions could wear fragrances they'll wear BDP. However, the cedar in Bois du Portugal melds well with the sandalwood, which is dense and creamy. It's a traditional men fragrance, but it's slightly more wearable than most others in the era. It is a classy, solid perfume for men, not kids. And it's probably not. Anyhow, I recently went through a pile of decants and decided to give Bdp a try again, and low and behold: it was an instant love. I think it's an over-priced clone of Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur - which smells better by the way, even in cologne form. It has a great drydown, which is not so common in frags now a days. And it aged perfectly in a dark cabinet. Creed really outdid themselves with this masterpiece. I have a sample only and I like it so much - it's going on my "next to buy" list. I felt awesome wearing it. It is for older man for sure. It was either this or Royal Mayfair, I have samples of that one, but felt BDP deserved to have a permanent spot in my arsenal. Copyrights © 2006-2020 perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Bois du Portugal should be the first result if you type "masculine fragrance" into Google. This Creed is not worth the pricetag and is hella old fashioned. The is the signature scent that Frank Sinatra used to enjoy wearing. Seriously. Good to mix it up on a weekly rotation with the trendy and modern sweet frags. Bois is more citrusy in the beginning than Guerlain. This cologne is the best scent for me that I've ever tried. Fragrance Reviews: 1013031 Le pin maritime, pin des Landes, pin de Bordeaux, pin de Corte1 ou pin mésogéen (Pinus pinaster), est une espèce de conifères de la famille des pinacées. Overall a 5/10 scent, another, fantastic cologne from creed for men,i just started to ware creeds fragrances,one of the reasons,is on how they stick to tradition, from one genaration to the next.also the soup never chages the notes i started with one ,now i,have10, and they use real ambergriss,now thats class,im looking to buy next creeds tabarome millesime,if you look close you can see the smeel of real ambergriss,im glad i made my first purchased at nieman marcus,and im stll going that says it all keep sniffing. I'm only mentioning Lalique PH because it's in the same vain as BdP but they're nowhere near the same. I wear fragrance every day and when I initially sampled BdP I loved it. Not trying to offend anyone who loves it, I'm just stating a fact that my grandfather smelled exactly like this. Very peppery with a little bit of lavender and woods mixed together. EUR 100 and the delivery on me. It is indeed more suited for the more mature man and for the more dressed up occasions .. but it's smelling sooooo nice ! It's understated, refined, non linear. Perfume lovers: 601472 I did not care much for BdP when I first tried it. Possibly the king of the house of Creed. A very sophisticated, yet humble scent. This did nothing for me. I try it and was "WOW". i have 2 bottles, the 16f01 and 50ml new batch of 18B01, and for the new batches, which came out with new style bottles in 2018 i find next changes: Superb masculine fragrance and for me the epitome of class. The image I get from this is a warm, kind, respectable man leaving the barbershop after getting a haircut and a hot towel shave. I have an older bottle of this and it performs amazingly, I hope that the new batches are similar in performance. 2018? The juice in the 120 ml bottle smells much more sophisticated and thicker. 10/10. Dolcemente speziato. When I wear this I feel like I should be wearing a Tweed Jacket, sitting in a study or an office. This is more of a mature gentlemen's scent although younger people might also enjoy it. Just received a 250 ml flacon from 1987 original release. I received this as a gift from one of my best friends for my 30th Birthday. The most exquisite sandalwood fragrance ever made. It made a strong olfactory impression on me because it smelled sensational. I'm just saying.. smells really the same. It just works - not for the young, but great for the young at heart! Pure luxury in a bottle. This fragrance has an undeniable older gentleman vibe, but is timeless enough that all generations can appreciate it. Overall I am very impressed. It is best of Creed in my opinion! the opening has a scent reminiscent of hot sauce that quickly fades, not like the base of hot sauce but it has a spiciness, but that smell is gone after a minute, and what you get is a kind of spicy soapiness...then to come on here and find the notes are sandalwood and lavender...those are definitely the 2 prominent players make this a sort of a classic barbershop like scent. Bois du Portugal by Creed is an Oriental Woody fragrance for men, inspired by the fragrant trees of Portugal. It reminds me of a lot of classic British men's fragrances from the turn of the century; BDP could just as easily been released by Floris. It is now my current favourite full stop. As far as I am concerned I can only thank Creed for this piece of magic. Edit: looks like they got downvoted into oblivion, which is good. This simulation of leather is working vice versa in some leather scents which happen to smell like vetiver. Evokes a lot of memories for me because of the cedar note, which is not "new"--it's "aged" when it is blended with the other accords. I cannot recommend. Veuillez laisser ce champ vide. The performance is great on me lasting 12+ hours and projecting fairly well, which is somewhat rare for a Creed. However, it's of great quality, long-lasting and never offensive on the projection. The main difference is the opening. This has to be the classiest scent I have smelled. This is a scent you reach for when you want to wear something that smells old, but in a classic way which is why it is best suited for formal or dressed up occasions, preferably in the colder months. This is for the mature crowd and when I spray it in the air, the first thing that comes to mind, is elderly people.... On first application you may think that its made for an older crowd. The bergamot opening is crisp and becoming, and I love the smoothness of the transition into the herbal lavender heart. I get sophisticated older mediterranean gentleman. Another idea is to find some vintage Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur (for a low price on ebay), so long as you like leather notes. Smells like a classic aftershave more than a high end cologne. Yes, I have BDP and reserve this generally for the fall on "dressier" occasions. It has a green, somewhat woody opening, and gets much more woody in drydown. It has been reformulated but still a great scent. This is a powerful, mature fragrance from Creed, with woody, spicy notes that linger and project well. The dry down just gets better. This does not smell like "old man", it smells very professional and sophisticated. The opening of Creed's Bois du Portugal hits you like an olfactory ton of bricks. Not a youthful or interesting scent. Lavender, woods, and a tad bit of citrus. I only have a sample of this right now, but when that sample is used up, then I'll definitely be buying a bottle. Bracing bergamot at the top, leading into a pronounced lavender followed by a base dominated by smoky vetiver and ambergris. So far I’ve come back twice to change what my review says on here, , I normally wouldn’t bother but this has torn my whole reality apart again, with its subtle perfection of such a classic accord, attempted by so many, such a huge number of times. INITIAL REVIEW: I truly love this frag. (notes: you detect vetiver, bergamot, woodsy tones and a host of other notes). Seems more appropriate for older, distinguished men. I am glad I bought this fragrance. And this is the best I think I would say. The highly oriental quality surprised me from the listed notes: cedar, sandalwood, lavender, and vetiver, so I went on a fact-finding mission and learned that both cedar and sandalwood are often used to make incense. Oh yea, and don't give me that crap about the quality. It is a mixture of Old Spice and the green bottle of Polo in my opinion. Bois du Portugal is a classical, timeless fragrance for fuzzy men. I just tried BDP for the first time today, and have to say that it's definitely a quality product, but not my cup of tea. Octowood France SARL distribue depuis de nombreuses années les poteaux en pin maritime du fabricant portugais MTL pour l’arboriculture. It is stellar. This map was created by a user. I guess this is what makes perfume stand the test of time. . Fragrance is subjective - I get that. Dries down to a powdery wood with a hint of citrus. The millesime designation means that the best crops from a particular year’s harvest were used in the creation of that particular bottle of CREED fragrance. Even though I'm not really the target group for BDP, I decided to order a sample and test it out, and it's great! It has an old school smell to it but it is different than the others and it's what I felt a gentleman would smell like. This stuff is amazing; I wondered, did I spray the right one? Excellent vetiver and lavender scent. 302 J’aime. You need to be logged in (or register here) to use Private Notes. "Fly me to the moon" - yes I have to admit that the folklore of this being Frank Sinatra's signature scent makes me love it more lol.. It's a powerhouse Creed and lasts well on the skin all day. Somehow, though, it remains very relevant and modern. I was very touched by this generous gesture, but BdP is perhaps more suited for someone's 60th Birthday! If that is worth the high Creed price (there are cheaper alternatives), that's up to you. In the vein of Santos Cartier, Patou pour homme, Tzar Vc&a. In this phase BDP is dry, assertive and by all means masculine but, at the same time it's surrounded by a strong deja-vu feel that keeps going on and on and on...The fragrance evolves then into a sort of pwdery-woody oriental drydown that's even more conventional and unoriginal. Had Bois du Portugal been around when Ian Fleming was writing then this would have been the fragrance worn by James Bond - a classy and timeless masculine scent. Hated it at first, then loved it, then eventually wore it as a signature scent for a while. Has a floral, licorice vibe to it. I am the happy owner of the Holy Trinity of men's scents: Guerlain 1995 Heritage, present Parfum de Nicolai New York and Creed Bois du Portugal. Gorgeous. It is not a bad scent, just not how I want to remembered. I don’t really care about compliments when I wear fragrance, I care about what I feel when I am wearing a fragrance. It is for an exalted man with perfect outfit style. It is a refined scent. It is rich, classy and classic for certain. And no, they are all different. It's just really classy woody-aromatic scent that exudes good-guy, tough-guy, kiss the girls and administer brass-knuckle sandwiches to any scumbags who mess with me. Yes, they all are alike. The classiest and most effortlessly masculine Creed. A voir absolument ! I did not see that coming from Creed. En cas de doute sur la qualité sanitaire des bois ou des emballages susceptibles de provenir du Portugal, vous devez prévenir le service régional de l’alimentation (SRAL) de votre région. Good projection and longevity. More and more places in Portugal are moving from the magnetic strip credit card to the new system of "Chip and PIN." It is very honest about what it is, and that's a simple woody and spicy barbershop scent. I don't know if this is true but I read it a lot and Creed does have a reputation for messing up their fragrances pretty regularly and my own experience with Aventus and Royal Oud make me believe it. Sampled this again from the Creed Boutique here in NYC. Bois Du Portugal me ha sorprendido gratamente al contrario de como se muestran muchos usuarios que mantienen que se parece a otras fragancias como pueden ser Caron Third Man, Heritage, etc. Feuillage: Persistant. Some have mentioned leather and I agree but it seems to me that the established accord resembles leather rather than leather being actually present. A must have for gentlemen. There was something in it which i thought was coriander that i hated. Great juice - woody, spicy, hint of booze. The nose behind this fragrance is Olivier Creed. Heritage is the most oppulent, rich, desne of the three, I still have 2/3 of a bottle bought in 1995 and it seems that it is going to last about 2 lifetimes. It's very old-fashioned and masculine. I have now heard everything. This is an assertively masculine fragrance. Bois du Portugal is a warm and heady concoction of woods (Mysore sandalwood and cedar), vetiver, lavender and bergamot. An explosion of aroma-therapeutic lavender off the top of BdP slides rapidly into a sandalwood, cedarwood, and ambergris arrangement. The ambergris gives the drydown a kind of dusty / sparkly feel, which is to die for! It's not just great. While this does smell nice. Located at a 15 minute-walk from the marina and the beach and set in a large green area with gardens and a pine trees, this resort with 128 fully equipped apartments. Not for everyday and only for special nights, accompanied by the relevant suit. I like it. Carte du Portugal - Cartes et plans du Portugal - Découvrir le pays Article présentant une (ou plusieurs) carte du Portugal. BdP is definitely a man's fragrance. But to each his own. Don't take it the wrong way. Aromatic, rounded, sparkling, juicy, elegant... all these things. The man who wears BdP walks a fine line between gentleman and arrogant prick, but either way you adore him! I love the lavender sandalwood combo. When I found out that the unopened brand new 120 ml bottle available is from a 2015 batch (15W01), at almost half of what an equivalent one would go for on eBay and other overseas retailers, I decided to go for it. Such a fantastic fragrance. Volviendo a Bois Du Portugal, ha pesar de ser una fragancia formal y seria estamos ante un perfume exquisito, de una elegancia magistral y de una proyección, perdurabilidad y sillage muy buena para ser un perfume Creed. Bois du Portugal was launched in 1987. a classic spicy/ woody concoction , old school scent some batches are more powdery then of my favs from Creed, maybe my number one, a pure distillation of male classiness.....Sinatra at Sands 1982....for grown ups, all purpose scent! The drydown also kind of reminds me of Lalique White (lemon-pepper-woods type accord). As of now, this is easily in my top 3 Creed list. I happen to like this one allot! Bois du Portugal, at least on me, has more neroli up top and isn't as "dandified" as either of those fragrances; it's more on the woody-spicy side. This is in my top 5, Extremely powdery and woody. A beautiful, warm, sweet, spicy sandalwood. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. The cedar is not sharp like in many fragrances, and it is blended well with the sandalwood. Basenotes is an online guide to perfume and fragrance, featuring news, features, a database of fragrances, , fragrance forums, user reviews and more. It's gentleman-esque, regal, and most definitely will leave a lasting impression. It's for those 'larger than life' characters. Climat: Peu rustique au nord de la Loire. Excellent - 10 out of 10! This one has more of a base amber/sandalwood/musk, as well as a lot of lavender. While most think this is more suited towards older men, truly any man can wear this. Il est parfois confondu avec le pin d'Alep ou le pin de Calabre. The Portuguese postal code (código postal) is formed by four digits, a hyphen, then three digits, followed by a postal location of up to 25 characters in capitals.. Avenida Marconi 4C 1000-260 Lisboa. I love this perfume - at least the one I own. I therefore knew the product would be legit. But I'll never buy a full bottle at Creed prices. One of the best fougeres ever created. Musk Ravageur makes me feel impenetrable. This is to die for and everyone that smells your clothes at this point will probably swoon. If you imagine how a classy and yet sexy "daddy" would smell like, it would be it. Although I'm a strong believer in 'any age can wear any perfume', this particular scent is aimed for elder men, think 35+: it has a tobacco, dry, woody smell. This smell like a more refined version of Chanel Pour Monsieur and Versace L homme so if you don’t like any of those two don’t get this. Bois du Portugal is extremely elegant and classy. Creed Bois Du Portugal Eau de Parfum... (. I tried this a few years ago and although I couldn't remember what it smelt like, I do remember being pretty underwhelmed. My grandfather wore Bois du Portugal and I remember it smelling wonderful on him. But nowadays Bois du Portugal is the most comfortable of the three. The drydown is much mellower and soft. Well, I went through a few of those something or others and will say that you get what you pay for. Bois du Portugal by Creed is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. Carte du Portugal - Cartes et plans du Portugal - Découvrir le pays Article présentant une (ou plusieurs) carte du Portugal. Maybe it's wood oil I'm smelling, but it smells like leather to me. I've been desperately trying to like this fragrance since I bought a bottle last year. I finally decided to acquire the 8.4 oz edition and I have not been disappointed. Yes, it's "old school", but with a sophistication that is unique. Le territoire du pays, sans compter les Açores et Madère, est situé à l'extrême sud-ouest du continent européen. I respect this house for their fragrances. I do not even detect the lavender, to be honest, so strong is the incense. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. Some people dislike and some find it too old fashion. A lot of the angst goes back to reducing the standard bottle size from 120 to 100ml and keeping the price the same. This scent seems to appeal to a micro nitch community; for which the effort and the price point does not justify. This is a powerful scent compared to many other Creed fragrances. From the little things I remember it wasn't Creed - yeah I'm 100% sure cause there was no Creed here in Poland when he was still alive. Why moderate sillage ? Yes, it's quite similar, but a shell of its former self. Le nématode du bois de pin, un ver microscopique inconnu en Europe ailleurs qu'au Portugal, où il est désigné comme la "maladie du pin", devrait s'étendre au reste du continent, selon les conclusions d'une mission d'experts internationaux réunie jeudi à Lisbonne. Some smell memories are VERY precise and strong.. my grandfather is one of those memories. Creed BOIS DU PORTUGAL has a marked incense note, which dominates the composition from start to finish. It's a real gentleman's scent. The sort of man that leads flawlessly when he dances. It is pricey but well worth it if you enjoy it which I do IMMENSELY.......cheers! Not for me. I can't put my name on which scent because I don't have the bottle(s) but I feel both houses created the same exact scent. I think New York is brilliant, but a little dated mostly because of the "powdery" feel. Like all Creed's it is made with quality ingredients, and BdP lasts *forever. This is Macho in a spray bottle. How did I ever miss this? Creed - Bois Du Portugal Drydown w/o the bitter top. It is however not alone in this regard so in comparison with the peer group of current offerings it's still a great fragrance. Longevity is good at 7+ hrs. Conclusion: 9/10 only because 4 days were not enough to get a good understanding of this scent. When I first started into the world of fragrances, one of the first things I learned was the dichotomous opinions of the Creed house. Viewing this as a primarily lavender scent really helped me enjoy this fragrance so much more. I know what quality means and yes, I see the difference between Unforgiven and MI. It's vintage, elegant, classic, and great. It's energizing, masculine, citrusy, green, woody. Despite this confusion, I think this is very becoming and I enjoy smelling it every time my husband puts it on. I'm sorry for typing so much, it's just that I'm head over heels in love with this artfully crafted perfume.